Mark it on your calendar:

The First Annual
Blue Mountain Lake
Flotilla Festival!

Sunday, August 27, 2017, 4 PM to ?


4pm - Reception - THE HEDGES

6pm - Flotilla Begins on Blue Mountain Lake

8pm - Grand Concert and Finale – PROSPECT POINT



135 years ago, on a majestic lake in the heart of the Adirondacks, a steamboat glided through an August night. In tow were some 75 rowboats and their passengers. An orchestra played. A cannon roared salute. "Jubilee" (Gospel) singers raised their voices. And shining Chinese lanterns — some hanging from the boats, others drifting on the waves — glittered like a thousand water-borne stars.

From the forests and open meadows surrounding the lake people waved and cheered. Bonfires flickered from the mountain slopes, and atop a peninsula high above the water stood a great hotel with hundreds of shining lights — the first in the world lit entirely by electricity. Almost unthinkably, this marvel of human ingenuity stood here, deep in the the Adirondack wilderness — an unparalleled achievement that looked far into the future. The Prospect House had officially opened its doors but a few months earlier and the guests were now celebrating with this festival of lights.

This summer, on August 27, 2017, the Blue Mountain Lake flotilla will sail again. It will mark the first time this event has taken place since the original was held, here on these same waters in August of 1882. At 4:00 PM the festival will begin with a reception at The Hedges, former Civil War General Hiram Duryea’s Camp, which participated in the original event and which is now listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Waiters and actors in late 19th-century garb will serve and welcome the visitors. From there at 6:00 PM the flotilla will launch. True to history, the boats will be towed by an antique steamer, musicians will perform on board (a chamber group, a small choral group, and a folk duo), and the flotilla will slowly make its way in a great procession around the lake, stopping briefly before designated spots (among them Hemlock Hall and Curry's Cottages) to play off shore.

As darkness falls, Chinese lanterns will be lit on the flotilla, upon the lake and along the shore. Bonfires will blaze again from the mountainside, and a cannon will salute as the flotilla steams it way towards Prospect Point Cottages — the site where the mighty Prospect House once stood. After the boats reach Prospect Cove, participants will be treated to a concert by a chamber orchestra, choral group and soloists, and other musicians (including pianist Nicole Wang) performing classics and period pieces of American music, as fresh today as they were in 1882. The concert will culminate in a performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, followed by fireworks.

This historic event is being organized or supported by a broad coalition including the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts, Adirondack Experience: The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, the Hedges, Prospect Point Cottages, and various businesses and individuals from throughout the local community. We invite not only local residents and summer visitors but tourists and visitors from across New York and beyond to experience this event either from the shore or as participants in one of the flotilla boats! 

While making this historic celebration of the Gilded Age come alive for revelers of the present day, it also represents an effort by the community to benefit its beloved institutions, the Arts Center and Adirondack Experience. The 2017 Flotilla Festival is also a timely one, as it joins other celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of  Adirondack Experience, the 50th anniversary of the Arts Center, and the restoration of two historic hostelries -- The Hedges and Prospect Point Cottages!

Click here to see a description of the original 1882 flotilla!

Be checking back on this page for updates including:

An exact schedule of activities

The flotilla route and various stops

What type of boats are invited to be towed in the flotilla (and how to register)

More information about the programs to be presented

What kinds of food and drink will be available and the cost

Performers who will be participating

How to sign up for an Arts Center workshop to make Chinese lanterns for this event!